A Dapper Time Watch: A Great Option for Your Next Adventure

Traveling generally involves new places, new time zones, and reduced cell phone service. Even with all of this going on most people still like to know the current time. Personally, I like to wear a watch when traveling just out of convenience. It is nice to be able to quickly and easily see the time without having to find electronics or worrying about them being charged. So to help myself out with this dilemma I recently came across a company that makes relatively cheap, yet still fashionable watches, called Dapper Time. I decided to purchase one before a recent trip to see how it would look and hold up throughout my adventures. And as it turns out, I was very happy with the results.

For a quick summary on the watch scroll to the bottom of the page.

The Details

Their website has multiple options to choose from but note that some watches can only be purchased by US residents, while others are solely for residents of the EU. Given the circumstances of my trip, I wanted to keep it on the cheaper end. After a short search of the website I ended up ordering a watch called PORTHOS II for $32 plus shipping.

The watch arrived fairly quickly and came in a black box with the name DAPPERTIME across the top. The box came with care instructions, bubble wrap around the watch, and appeared rather fashionable when compared to the $32 price tag.

fullsizeoutput_2b8Wearing the watch while enjoying our seafood sampler platter in Cascais, Portugal

This particular watch has a very slim design, is easy to wear, and lightweight, making it a perfect watch for traveling. I also had no issues with setting the time and once I had it set up it stayed correct for the entirety of the trip. Given the cost I was very happy with the result and I will continue to bring it along on all of my travels.

When I purchased the watch I was given the option of referring others and giving them 10% off their watch purchase. However, I wanted to actually wear the watch on a trip and see how it performed firsthand before throwing that out here. But I am more than satisfied with the watch after my recent trip. So if you are interested in getting one yourself head on over to their website to check out their selection and receive 10% off through the link here.

Final Thoughts

This watch won’t be mistaken for a Rolex but it perfectly emulates the purpose it sets out to, which is be an inexpensive, yet stylish watch to wear and tell time when traveling. I feel perfectly comfortable recommending this watch after purchasing one. It’s not the best watch money can buy but it’s certainly a great watch for the money. If anyone else has one of these watches or took advantage of the 10% off deal let us know what you think of your watch below.

May receive a small commission if the watch is purchased through a link on this page.

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